Read all about the Governor General’s Innovation Awards laureates.

Mr. Jean-Simon Venne, Mr. Sean Neely, Mr. Sam Ramadori - BrainBox AI Team

BrainBox AI: Autonomous AI Technology for HVAC systems

Meti Basiri, CMO and Co-Founder, Martin Basiri, CEO and Co-Founder, Massi Basiri, COO and Co-Founder

ApplyBoard : Improving Global Access to Education

Mr. Robert Niven, Ms. Jennifer Wagner, Dr. George Monkman, Dr. Dean Forgeron

CarbonCure - Carbon Dioxide Removal Technologies for the Concrete Industry

Dr. Susan Scollie, Dr. Richard Seewald, Mr. Steve Beaulac, Dr. Sheila Moodie, Dr. Marlene Bagatto, Mr. Leonard Cornelisse, and Mr. Shane Moodie

Desired Sensation Level (DSL): World’s First Pediatric Hearing Aid Prescription

Dr. Pieter R. Cullis, Dr. Michael J. Hope and Dr. Thomas D. Madden (pictured is Dr. Pieter Cullis)

Lipid Nanoparticles that Enable COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

Ms. Tessa Lochhead, Ms. Leah Kippomee, Ms. Jeeteeta Merkosak, Ms. Karen Nutarak

Pirurvik Preschool – A Place to Grow

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