British Columbia

Revolutionary ion-exchange membranes and polymers for Clean Energy

Nominated by:

Universities Canada and The Royal Society of Canada

Year: 2024

About the Innovation

Steven Holdcroft’s world-leading research on anion and proton exchange membranes with Dr. Benjamin Britton’s scientific work and entrepreneurial foresight led to the discovery and commercialization of revolutionary clean energy materials. These materials unlock scalable green hydrogen generation technologies and meet hydrogen fuel cell targets, providing a major step-change in cost and performance.

About the Innovator

Dr. Holdcroft FRSC and Canada Research Chair at Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a world-leading authority on electrochemical materials for clean energy technologies. His fundamental research has inspired researchers globally, directly leading to the commercialization of state-of-the-art materials that will revolutionize the electrochemical energy conversion sector. He led the discovery of revolutionary new materials, hydroxide-ion conducting and non-PFAS acid conducting polymer membranes of unprecedented stability at SFU, and with Dr. Benjamin Britton, then PhD student, co-founded Ionomr Innovations Inc. Dr. Britton’s innovative doctorate work and entrepreneurial foresight led to the discovery and commercialization of these breakthrough clean energy materials. Ben was key to taking Ionomr’s materials out of the lab, with world-leading, broad-based, device-focused research in hydrocarbon electrochemistry. He brought together the initial funding & team, occupying a role spanning business, technology, & strategy. He is a World Energy Council ‘Expert in Innovation,’ Business in Vancouver ‘40 under 40,’ Globe & Mail ‘Changemaker,’ and an invited speaker on science & innovation, inspiring future cleantech leaders in Canada. The disruptive technologies enabled by Ionomr’s materials are beginning to eliminate ‘green premiums’ for critical zero-carbon energy technologies, a critical advance for these technologies to scale and have global impact, improving quality of life for Canadians while achieving decarbonization targets. The company’s R&D and manufacturing facilities are based in Vancouver.

Dr. Steven Holdcroft and Dr. Benjamin Britton

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