Island View, New Brunswick

MyCodev Group resolves a lack of supply of chitosan

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Year: 2017

About the Innovation

David Brown founded MyCodev Group in order to resolve a lack of supply of chitosan, a valuable pharmaceutical ingredient that is essential in a wide variety of medical devices and drugs. Mr. Brown’s innovative technology produces chitosan directly from a fungal fermentation, a process that uses very little energy or chemicals. Mycodev Group is only four years old and is selling its chitosan to major pharmaceutical and medical device companies around the world.

About the Innovator

David Brown is a biotechnology entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for youth entrepreneurship in Canada’s biotechnology sector. Mr. Brown serves as the co-founder and COO of Chinova Bioworks and is the founder of Mycodev Group. In 2013, he and his team from the University of Alberta won MIT’s iGEM competition with an innovation for a genetically engineered shikimic acid pathway in bacteria. Mr. Brown then founded Mycodev Group, a biotechnology company that produces life-saving pharmaceutical ingredients used in liquid biopsy and medical therapeutics. He received his first patent and several innovation awards for the Group’s work, as well as for his efforts in developing biopolymer-based antimicrobials.

David Brown

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