Winnipeg, Manitoba

Medical device allows neurosurgeons to treat patients in a minimally invasive way

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Year: 2016

About the Innovation

Mark Torchia and Richard Tyc are the creators of the NeuroBlate System, a medical device that combines a novel laser probe system with real-time image guidance. Using magnetic resonance imaging and sophisticated software, the tool allows neurosurgeons in Canada and abroad to treat brain tumours and other intracranial targets in a minimally invasive way that also reduces post-operative care and health costs.

About the Innovator

As the executive director of the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Mark G. Torchia works with his colleagues to support partnership, research and professional development. He thrives on collaborating for positive, lasting change—opportunities he has had in health care, education and business. Richard Tyc, P. Eng., is the vice-president of technology and advanced development at Monteris Medical Inc. A graduate of the University of Manitoba engineering program and the recipient of numerous awards and patents, he started his career in the life sciences sector with developments in prosthetics, orthopedics and pharmacy automation. Mr. Tyc teamed up with Dr. Torchia more than 15 years ago to help bring NeuroBlate technology to reality and clinical success.

Mark Torchia and Richard Tyc

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