erthos - next-gen biomaterials platform

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Year: 2024

About the Innovation

Erthos has emerged as a beacon of sustainable commercial innovation, surpassing conventional boundaries powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This biomaterial technology fosters a global shift towards eco-friendly practices. With ground-breaking standards and a projected 70% carbon reduction, erthos sets a transformative benchmark for sustainable solutions, positively impacting the quality of life in Canada and beyond.

About the Innovator

Today, erthos has emerged as a beacon of sustainable commercial innovation, surpassing conventional boundaries powered by AI. The erthos team is comprised of world-class Canadian-based experts in the science, engineering, and environmental spaces. Years ago, CEO & Co-Founder, Nuha Siddiqui's vision initiated a pivotal research project at the University of Toronto, where co-founder Kritika Tyagi joined her, and erthos found its roots, responding to the critical need for sustainable alternatives to plastic. In the early days, Nuha’s decision post-graduation marked a defining moment, choosing entrepreneurship over convention, laying the foundation for erthos’ groundbreaking biomaterial solutions. Her unwavering commitment to global impact propelled the company forward. Facing challenges in the sustainable packaging sector, Nuha exhibited adaptability and strategic learning. An immersive journey to Asia showcased her hands-on approach, leading erthos to pivot and build its manufacturing facility, demonstrating resilience and strategic thinking. After closing their first round of funding, the co-founders lived in Asia, gaining insights into plastic pollution's root causes and engaging with traditional manufacturers. Despite the challenges presented during the foundational years of 2019-2020 with the political instability in HK and China and the pandemic, the team continued to showcase resilience and commitment to understanding industry nuances. Nuha's collaborative leadership extended globally, engaging with accelerators, incubators, and manufacturers. erthos’ partnerships, rooted in Nuha's inclusive leadership, highlight her commitment to fostering collaborations that drive sustainability efforts. Nuha's strategic fundraising efforts played a pivotal role, securing a remarkable $6.5 million Series. A funding amid market challenges. Nuha Siddiqui's leadership at erthos is a testament to strategic vision, adaptability, and a commitment to global sustainability. erthos stands resilient, inspiring transformative change for a more sustainable and inclusive future. erthos is exceptionally proud of its team's unwavering commitment to a better planet and is excited about the future of biomaterials globally.

Ms. Nuha Siddiqui (pictured), Ms. Kritika Tyagi

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