British Columbia

Earth X-Ray for Low-Impact Mining

Nominated by:

Digital Supercluster

Year: 2023

About the Innovation

Through new implementation and integration methods, Ideon Technologies will allow mining companies to identify density and magnetic anomalies with greater resolution and clarity down to 1 km beneath the Earth’s surface, much like x-rays and MRIs give us visibility inside the human body. Their Subsurface Intelligence Platform will help target and characterize deposits with greater precision, supporting an environmentally responsible mineral supply needed to fuel the transition to clean energy.

About the Innovator

Ideon is accelerating the transition to low-impact mining and transforming how companies identify and deliver the critical minerals to power the shift to clean energy. Ideon uses energy from supernova explosions in space to image in 3D down to 1km beneath the Earth's surface. A world pioneer in cosmic-ray muon tomography, Ideon has developed a Subsurface Intelligence Platform (comprising proprietary hardware, software, imaging systems, and analysis) that helps mining professionals identify mineral deposits and other subsurface anomalies with precision and confidence. This reduces the risk and cost of low-yield traditional methods (primarily drilling) while saving time and minimizing environmental impact across the mining value chain.

Ideon Technologies -
Dr. Douglas Schouten and Mr. Gary Agnew

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