Bowhead Reach

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Year: 2024

About the Innovation

Following a snowboarding accident, Christian Bagg recognized the limitations of existing assistive technology for people with disabilities. Fueled by his desire to independently enjoy nature, he designed the Reach—an adaptive bike tailored to enable individuals with disabilities to explore the outdoors independently. The Reach has benefitted people around the world.

About the Innovator

Christian Bagg is an inventor and mechanical designer who has spent the last 27 years revolutionizing adaptive technology since he fractured his spine in a snowboarding accident in 1996. He is the pioneer of the Reach, a highly innovative adaptive bike that helps people with disabilities experience nature and participate in outdoor recreation. Bagg is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Bowhead Corporation, which was founded in 2018 to design, manufacture and distribute adaptive mobility solutions. Based in Calgary, Bowhead Corporation employs 20 people and has over 600 riders globally. Its production centers on a series of adaptive cycles designed for a wide range of environments, from rugged single track to urban bike paths. Furthermore, Bowhead fosters corporate partnerships to support adaptive programs in need of equipment as they are aware of financial constraints faced by these organizations. Finally, as accessible tech can benefit everyone, vehicles for able-bodied users, especially seniors with mobility challenges, are under development. To ensure the maximum usability, reliability and safety of their cycles, maintenance manuals and videos are freely available to users online. Through creativity and innovation, Christian Bagg and the team at Bowhead are ensuring that access to the outdoors is as inclusive and diverse as nature itself.

Mr. Christian Bagg

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