Burnaby, BC

Chief Dr. Ronald Ignace and Dr. Marianne Ignace successfully combined scientific knowledge with wisdom of Elders.

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Universities Canada

Year: 2019

About the Innovation

Chief Dr. Ronald Ignace and Dr. Marianne Ignace have, over several decades, developed a model of collaborative approaches to research involving Indigenous peoples and communities. This new approach to knowledge mobilization and the development of methods that deeply respects and furthers public understanding of Indigenous peoples’ connection to the land and language. Their work successfully combined advocating and practising western scientific knowledge in dialogue with the wisdom and knowledge of past and present Elders.

About the Innovator

Chief Dr. Ronald Ignace is a member of the Secwepemc (Shuswap) Nation and chief of the Skeetchestn Band. He has been a leader in advancing the economic development of his people, and has maintained the vision of seeking justice and reconciliation on the issues of Secwepemc land titles, rights and traditional laws. He bridges political leadership with education and research, and with a deep commitment to Indigenous languages. Dr. Marianne Ignace has carried out a lifetime of collaborative research with Indigenous peoples in British Columbia, notably with the Haida and Secwepemc nations. Her innovative research methodologies examine Indigenous narratives of land, laws and resources as expressed in Indigenous languages. She has also worked with Indigenous communities throughout northwestern North America on language revitalization projects.

Chief Dr. Ronald Ignace (Stsmél’qen) and Dr. Marianne Ignace (Gulḵiihlgad)

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